SDK iOS Versions (Updates)

1.1.0 Version

In version 1.1.0, you will see the following updates:

  • Message sending statuses;
  • Localization. Four default languages to choose from: Russian, English, Portuguese, Spanish. Ability to add your language;
  • Feedback form display statuses: only FF and FOS + Chat;
  • A new window of the feedback form with the subject of the appeal and additional fields;
  • Limited signature validation.

1.0.2 Version

In version 1.0.2, you will see the following updates:

  • Fixed errors when sending a file using a signature.

1.0.1 Version

In version 1.0.1, you will see the following updates:

  • Added a new parameter "signature" that uniquely identifies the user and his Chat.

1.0.0 Version

In version 1.0.0, you will see the following updates:

  • The new design of Chat and knowledge base, which you can adjust to your corporate style;
  • New structure describing the design - allows you to update the SDK without losing design settings. That is, you can customize only the parameters you need, and the rest will be by default;
  • Buttons for switching to the previous and next article in the knowledge base article viewing window;
  • Search in the general list of articles in the knowledge base has been expanded with a description and transition to the article;
  • The "Email" parameter has ceased to be required for filling during initialization;
  • New parameter "Note" - note;
  • When attaching a file, a gallery collection has been added to the menu, as well as the ability to attach any files from the phone (in addition to photos / videos from the gallery);
  • Initialization method stabilization - unnecessary errors removed.