General Information

Our UsedeskSwift library allows you to embed a Usedesk chat into your application, as well as a Knowledge Base.

An example of what the Knowledge Base looks like:

List of sections ⟶ List of categories ⟶ List of articles ⟶ Article.

You can initialize and cause the chat to appear in any of your controller.

An example looks like:

  • Feedback form.
  • Chat with buttons.
  • Chat with user ratings.

You will find the installation instructions and the code itself in our documentation. And the current knowledge base contains detailed articles on using our library.

We provide the ability to customize the design of the library. You can change a couple of colors or completely redesign the design to suit your corporate style. To do this, you need to pass the appropriate parameters in the configurationStyle structure.

usedesk.configurationStyle = ConfigurationStyle(navigationBarStyle: NavigationBarStyle(backgroundColor: .red, backButtonImage: UIImage()))