Customization: SectionHeaderStyle

The SectionHeaderStyle structure describes the appearance parameters of the element showing the date the message was sent in the chat

Description of SectionHeaderStyle parameters:
  • margin: UIEdgeInsets - the outer padding of the date text from the left and right edges of the screen. Specifies the maximum width of the date text

  • textColor: UIColor - text color
  • textHeight: CGFloat - the height of the UILabel with the date text
  • font: UIFont - text font

It is also possible to set up a background UIView (backView) for the date of sending messages

  • backViewPadding: UIEdgeInsets - padding of the background UIView (in the background of the date text) from the UILabel with the date text

  • backViewColor: UIColor - background color of background UIView
  • backViewCornerRadius: CGFloat - the corner radius of the background UIView
  • backViewOpacity: CGFloat - the transparency level of the background UIView