List of errors

List of errors

When initializing a chat:


Invalid cnannelId entered
emailError Invalid email entered
urlError Invalid url parameter entered

Invalid urlAPI parameter entered

Invalid urlToSendFile parameter entered
phoneError Invalid phone number entered
signatureError Invalid signature entered
When working with the knowledge base:
Code Error Description
111 Server error

Server error

112 Invalid token

Wrong token passed in request

115 Access error

Access error

121 Request limits Request limit exceeded
- Could not connect to the server Failed connection to the server
When working with chat:
Code Error Description
500 Check server logs Unexpected Server Error
403 @@server/chat/INIT First Initialization failed
400 ID of company is not defined Company_id was not passed
400 Email is not defined Email was not passed
400 Data is not defined Didn't pass data in action set
400 Message is not defined Didn't pass message
403 Your token is fake

Passed a non-existent token