Customization: BaseStyle

The BaseStyle structure describes the general parameters of the knowledge base screens
Description of BaseStyle parameters:
  • backColor: UIColor - screen background color

  • isNeedChat: Bool - required or not to show the chat button
  • chatIconImage: UIImage - chat call button icon image
  • chatButtonBackColor: UIColor - chat call button background color
  • chatButtonCornerRadius: CGFloat - the radius of chat call button corners
  • chatButtonSize: CGSize - chat call button size
  • chatButtonMargin: UIEdgeInsets - external indents of the chat button relative to the edge of the screen. The indents to the right and bottom are taken into account

  • shadowOffset: CGSize - shift the shadow of the chat call button
  • shadowOpacity: Float - chat call button shadow transparency
  • shadowRadius: CGFloat - size of the chat call button shadow
  • shadowColor: CGColor - chat call button shadow color

  • searchBarTextBackgroundColor: UIColor - background color of the text input field (white in the picture)
  • searchBarTextColor: UIColor - text color
  • searchBarTintColor: UIColor - call button color
  • searchCancelButtonColor: UIColor - color of the search cancel button