Customization: AvatarStyle

The AvatarStyle structure describes the parameters for the appearance of avatars of post authors

Only incoming messages have avatars.

Description of AvatarStyle parameters:
  • avatarDiameter: CGFloat - avatar diameter;
  • margin: UIEdgeInsets - outer indent of the avatar. Indents from the edge of the screen and the edge of the message are considered;

  • avatarIncomingHidden: Bool - parameter indicating whether to hide or show the avatar;

When the avatar image is missing, the initials of the author of the post are used as the avatar;

  • avatarBackColor: UIColor - the background color of the avatar when the avatar image is missing;
  • avatarTextColor: UIColor - the color of the text in the avatar;
  • avatarFont: UIFont - the font of the text in the avatar.