Customization: BaseCategoriesStyle

The BaseCategoriesStyle structure describes the screen parameters of the list of knowledge base categories

Description of BaseCategoriesStyle parameters:

The following parameters describe a category table cell

  • textFont: UIFont - text font
  • textColor: UIColor - text color
  • textMargin: UIEdgeInsets - outer indentation of the category headings text

  • countArticlesFont: UIFont - font of the article nubmer in the category text
  • countArticlesColor: UIColor - text color of the article nubmer in the category
  • countArticlesMargin: UIEdgeInsets - external indents of the text of the number of articles in the category. Top and right indents are taken into account

  • descriptionFont: UIFont - category description text font
  • descriptionColor: UIColor - category description text color
  • descriptionMargin: UIEdgeInsets - outer indents of the category description text. The indents on the left, bottom, right are taken into account
  • arrowImage: UIImage - image of the section navigation button
  • arrowSize: CGSize - size of the navigation to section button
  • arrowMargin: UIEdgeInsets - external indent of the section navigation button. The indents to the right and top are taken into account

  • separatorColor: UIColor - divider color
  • separatorLeftMargin: CGFloat - left indent of the divider
  • separatorHeight: CGFloat - divider height