​How to test the SDK?

We wrote this cheat sheet so you can test our SDK before embedding it in your application.

What is needed for the test:

1.Download the apk file to your phone. You can enter your data and see how our SDK works without embedding it into your application.
2. Run the file. A window will open in which you can fill in all the required parameters:
  • Client email - the mailing address of the client;
  • Client Name - the name of the client;
  • Chat URL * - chat server address;
  • Offline form URL * - the address for sending the feedback form. Standard value https://secure.usedesk.ru;
  • Senf file URL * - the address for sending files. Standard value https://secure.usedesk.ru/uapi/v1/send_file;
  • Company ID * - company identifier;
  • Channel ID * - channel identifier;
  • A client token is a token that allows you to identify a client in the system uniquely.
* - required parameter.

Now you can test it!

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